"Energy Efficiency in Poland"

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National Agency for Energy Efficiency,  Save Energy Program, IIEC-Europe

Edited by Marek Zaborowski,

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At the beginning of 1997 the City Council of Krakow (southern Poland) offered space for energy information at Krakow City Council Server. Using this free Internet space and having some financial support from the City Council we have developed web site Energy Efficiency in Poland. From 1998 the site "Energy Efficiency in Poland" is financed by FEMOPET.

Objectives of the Internet Information Service "Energy Conservation in Poland"
The idea of the site is to create lively, substantive, interactive bulletin, the real energy efficiency encyclopedia. Objectives of the site are as follows:

Who is editing, administering, and owning the site
  • Edition

  • The site is edited by Foundation for Supporting Ecological Initiatives. Foundation for Supporting Ecological Initiatives provides Internet services to ecological nongovernmental organizations. Personally responsible for the project is Marek Zaborowski.
  • Administration

  • The page is administered by Marek Zaborowski, Save Energy Program, Foundation for Supporting Ecological Initiatives.

    Financing the site
    The site is financed jointly by IIEC and KAPE from the budget of FEMOPET. FEMOPET is an EU program.

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