Desrciption of the main activities and actions taken by the Save Energy Program (Spring 1998)

Bulletin Energy Money and Environment

Until number 6th we were issuing bulletin Energy Money Environment. The issuing of the bulletin is now temporary suspended but we plan to resume this activity on summer 1988

Establishment of the Energy Advisory Office in Krakow

We are making efforts to establish EAO in Kraków. The first problem here is to obtain the bureau area. Until now we managed to close all application procedures, however we didn't obtain the bureau from Municipality yet due to the shortage of the appropriate room.

Involvement in the SCORE Program

Software for the Energy Advisory Office

We developed computer-based program for thermal audit of private houses. The program will be used in EAO's. There is a chance that it will be also used in application procedure for refurbishment loans according to the refurbishment bill (after KAPE approval)

Informative materials for EAO's

    Preparation of the training materials for people working in EAO's. The materials are divided into four independent sections:
    Preparation of the training concept for energy leaders
    Preparation of the system designed to collect information about companies dealing with energy conservation
    Preparation of the brochure "How to establish EAO's"

Building positive image of energy conservation in Poland

Preparation and conduction of the seminar "Building positive image of energy conservation in Poland" (10-11 of December 1997). The seminar was prepared with co-operation with PELP and Kraków Academy of Art

Rationalisation of Energy and environment usage

15-16 October report and preparation of plenary session on the role of NGO's in energy conservation which took place at the fifth Conference "Rationalisation of Energy and environment usage"

SCORE program PK6

Consultations and collaboration in building PK6 program titled "Change of the social attitudes towards Energy Conservation". Consulting during the realisation phase of the program. Preparing the statistical software for analysis of the obtained data. Program PK6 is one of the SCORE priorities in Radom area.

Lobbing and political support for Energy Conservation

In order to accomplish this task we proposed two candidates for the member in Rada Konsultacyjna Przy Prezesie Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki, namely: prof.dr Krzysztof Żmijewski and dr Andrzej Kassenberg. Rada Konsultacyjna Przy Prezesie Urzędu Regulacji Energetyki is directly subjected to the Polish Prime Minister.

We supported the termorenovation law by the analysis of its influence on the environment.

(The analysis was made by Marek Zaborowski). The results of the mentioned analysis were cited in the press and will be probably attached to the bill.

Preparation and realisation of the information campaign in media - December 1997

Co-ordination of activities and the attempt to restructure Polish Ecological Club Energy Project.

Co-operation in building of the the program for the arising Ma?opolska Agencja Poszanowania Energii